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What’s Wrong With Mercedes-Benz? get more informations

In the past two weeks, BMW’s new in-vehicle system iDrive 8 and the pure electric flagship SUV iX that will be launched this year were officially unveiled.

I used this paragraph in the article:

In 1988, cognitive psychologist Donald Norman mentioned this in “Design Psychology”:

Everyone’s cognition of design starts from the perceptual response,

and then comes the actual operation level and the brand effect level.

The origin of the brand effect is inseparable from the user’s perception of the brand’s products.

The translation of this sentence is more straightforward, that is,

everyone is a face value party, and everyone looks at their faces first.

Indeed, compared to BMW, which has not undergone major changes for many years, the iDrive 8 on the iX is a huge innovation,

with a higher appearance and a lot of optimizations in interaction compared to the previous generation.

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But this week Mercedes-Benz announced the interior of the new EQS.
From my perspective, Mercedes-Benz has won again this time.

Even when the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S was launched some time ago,

the design of the interior was mocked by Internet public opinion like Tesla.
The interior design of the new EQS, as well as the MBUX Hyperscreen onboard,

can almost be said to be extremely appropriate from the perceptual level and the rational level.

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A large screen.

As shown in the figure above, MBUX Hyperscreen has made considerable design changes compared to the previous MBUX.
It uses a complete curved glass panel with a width of over 142 cm, which is connected to the instrument/central control/copilot screen. A large screen.

After incorporating two circular air outlets, the entire MBUX Hyperscreen, a huge curved screen, almost completely covers the entire front panel of the EQS.

The biggest advantage of the previous generation MBUX system we are familiar with is the Dalian screen formed by the connection of the instrument and the central control screen.

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In terms of visual perception, in addition to the more technological sense,

the biggest effect is actually to prevent the driver from distracting too much when looking at the information on the central control screen.

What most people seldom notice is that human attention is presented as an “F”-shaped partition.

The upper left corner is the place where attention is most easily focused. Attention will gradually move to the left and down. attenuation.
This is related to our habit of reading text content.

The dual screens of the previous generation of MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system are arranged at the same height,

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which reduces the distribution of attention as much as possible, but there are also some problems.
For example, although this arrangement looks cool. But it also limits the width and display area of ​​the central control screen.
And because of the relatively high position of the central control screen,

مزید پڑھیں
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it is not so convenient to directly touch the control by hand.

However, the MBUX Hyperscreen on the new EQS reduces the height of some central control screens, but makes the central control screen as large as possible.
The tilt angle of the entire curved panel is also more suitable for the driver to touch and control by hand. The curvature of this curved screen is very much like drawing a circle with the driver’s shoulder as the center and the arm as the radius.

And because the central control screen is closer to the position of the hand, the new generation of MBUX Hyperscreen no longer needs to be like the previous generation,

and a separate set of touchpads in the armrest box position is added to the touch-sensitive screen, which will make the design of the entire central control appear More concise.

Of course, everyone is well aware of the problem of screen interaction in the car, that is, there is no feedback, and more drivers are required to distract more attention to ensure that they are in the right position.


MBUX Hyperscreen equips the whole screen with 12 vertical vibrators to simulate the real feedback of pressing the button.

The technology of vibration feedback is actually used by Audi, and it is used in the MMI system, but from the technical level,

MBUX Hyperscreen provides vibration feedback is more complicated, because the vibration feedback needs to transmit the vibration from the longitudinal motor to the glass,

the area of ​​the glass panel The larger the size, the more requirements for the workmanship of the entire screen.
The gap between the entire glass and the frame will be too narrow, which will affect the effect of vibration transmission.

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In addition, because of the full shift to the touch screen, MBUX Hyperscreen has made the entire central control screen as large as possible, and the size of the adjustment icon is also larger,

which is more convenient for car owners to operate with far lower accuracy than poke the phone screen.

At the UI design level, Mercedes-Benz puts forward the concept of “0-level control”. Because now the car machine can carry more and more functions,

if you design according to the direction of the smart phone, there will be a very complicated hierarchy,

which is not convenient for driving. Mercedes-Benz’s approach is to learn and adapt to the most commonly used adjustments and reminders in the daily driving process of car owners through the means of AI.
Automatically display frequently used functions to the most conspicuous position.

Just like what I said when I wrote BMW iDrive 8, I have always questioned the ability of AI.

مزید پڑھیں
Waterproof iPhone does not have a warranty if it enters water. This turns out to be an unspoken rule of mobile phone after-sales?

You can wait for the EQS

to go on the market before verifying this function,

but from a reasonable point of view, the central control screen of the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen is large enough.
Now, enough functions can be laid down.

In addition, this time Mercedes-Benz has obviously had some other thoughts in the design of the entire vehicle, which we will discuss in detail next.

For ordinary people, there are actually two main concerns with such a large screen: screen reflection/fingerprint/scratch resistance, and the reaction speed of the car.

According to Mercedes-Benz, MBUX Hyperscreen uses an 8-core CPU, 24GB of memory and a chip with a memory bandwidth of 46.4GB per second to ensure smooth operation.
The glass uses a three-layer coating and aluminum silicate material.

Although the coating effect is hard to say, the aluminum silicate material glass is indeed very strong. In 18 years,

Apple applied for a mobile phone glass panel patent, mentioning the aluminum silicate material, which is characterized by very good transparency and extremely high hardness,

which is harder than the current mainstream Corning Gorilla Glass.

Back to the design part. Because the position of the central control screen is lowered, it is bound to reduce the driver’s attention.

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This time the MBUX Hyperscreen is slightly worse than the old MBUX. But in fact,

Mercedes-Benz’s design this time is to focus the driver’s attention on a straight line of sight as much as possible.

Because of the AR HUD, the driver does not need to look at the large screen of the central control too much, as long as the line of sight is on the road.

The control panel on the steering wheel integrates as many functions as possible,

so that you can avoid repeatedly tapping the middle screen during driving.

The UI of the dashboard is relatively restrained to avoid distracting attention from carrying too much information.

In general, the new MBUX Hyperscreen is a thorough correction to the problems of the previous MBUX system,

and it is also an innovation of Mercedes-Benz that integrates the luxury of interior design and the sense of technology.

Finally, make a vote. Do you think the MBUX Hyperscreen of Mercedes-Benz is better, hit 1 in the comment section,

think the iDrive 8 of the BMW iX is better, and hit 2 in the comment section.

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