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Tesla’s rare “scandal” car buyers suffered again deductions

In the early morning of March 30, it was reported that Tesla, the leading pure-electric car company in the United States,

recently broke out a rare consumer dispute. Some consumers complained that they were charged twice for buying a Tesla electric car. These consumers are fighting for a refund.

Recently, consumers in Southern California, Tom Slattery, Christopher T. Lee and Clark Peterson told the press that they paid for Tesla’s pure electric cars last week.
It is shocking that they discovered that Tesla had charged twice and deducted the cost of the two cars from the bank account without authorization or reminder. They later requested a refund from Tesla, but the process was not smooth.

The media reviewed various records, including Tesla’s electric car purchase agreement, bank statement, and contact information with Tesla, and finally confirmed the content of the above-mentioned consumers’ complaints.

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Two other consumers, who did not want to be named, also said that their credit cards had been charged twice by Tesla and felt very depressed about this. One of the consumer’s credit cards had overdrafts, and overdraft fees were required. In addition, they also faced a high repayment burden.

Currently, the price of Tesla Model 3 2021 is 37,000 U.S. dollars, and two deductions mean that approximately 70,000 U.S. dollars has been deducted from consumer accounts.

So far, Tesla officials have not commented on repeated consumer deductions. Questions raised by the media for the company include how many consumers have experienced repeated deductions, how this issue affects Tesla’s quarterly new car shipments, and whether Tesla can quickly refund consumers and how consumers will encounter them in the future. How to deal with this situation.

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Dave Excell, an American fintech industry person, said that in the e-commerce and banking industries, double charge deductions are actually a common problem.

Exxon said that some platforms that process payment for transactions can actually use the so-called “prevention of repeated transactions” feature to avoid repeated deductions. However, these payment platforms also need to be flexible enough to allow some normal recurring payment transactions, such as companies paying employees monthly salaries, or an elderly person transferring $50 to multiple grandchildren on the same day.

For consumers who bought a product but were deducted twice, Exxon suggested that the best practice is to find the merchant, notify the deduction error and request a refund. This is the easiest way. If a consumer contacts the bank and asks to cancel a payment transaction that has already occurred, this process takes a long time, and the bank also needs to coordinate with the merchant.

Consumer Story One.

On March 24, the aforementioned consumer Slater received a text message from Tesla, and he was very excited. Tesla notified that the new Model Y that he ordered in January will be delivered to his home in a contactless manner within three days.

Tesla will park the new car in front of Slater’s house, and he can use the Tesla software as a key to enter the new car. Slater said that this is different from his experience when he bought a Tesla Model 3 in 2019. Although some defects were found and repaired, he was still driving the old Model 3.

During the epidemic, Tesla invented a contactless delivery method to ensure consumer safety. All Slater needs to do is complete the ordering process, including uploading insurance documents, car license plate information, and choosing the payment method.


When consumers pay deposits online, Tesla currently supports Bitcoin or ACH (American Automatic Clearing Center) direct account payment. With no more choices, Slater provided his bank account number and necessary information to authorize a transfer transaction.

When Slater checked his account the next morning,

he found that the money deducted from the account was $53,000 more than the normal figure. This is also the price of the high-end version (long battery life, four-wheel drive version) Model Y he bought.

Faced with repeated deductions, Slater quickly contacted Tesla via phone and text messages. However,

there was no result within a day. Either no one answered the phone or the other party could not give a clear answer to the refund.

Later, Slater drove to Tesla’s store and after-sales service center in Burbank,

California, and interviewed sales and delivery personnel about the issue of double charges.

Slater said that Tesla staff asked themselves to contact the bank to cancel repeated deductions, but this answer was unacceptable-Tesla repeatedly charged more than 50,000 US dollars, and now let consumers solve the problem by themselves ?

Five days later, Slater is still waiting for Tesla’s written promise of refund, especially on which day the refund will be obtained.

In the first distribution window notified by Tesla, the Model Y was not delivered. Slater stated that he will refuse to deliver to the door until the problem of repeated deductions is resolved.

The problem this time was not at the right time for the Slaters.
They are buying a property in another state.
Any financial problems may cause their family to be unable to purchase the property at the expected price or to obtain a mortgage loan at the expected interest rate.

Consumer Story Two:

Slater is not the only consumer who has suffered repeated chargebacks from Tesla.
He said that the staff of the Tesla store said that hundreds of consumers have encountered repeated deductions.

Slater has not driven a new car yet, and he does not intend to give up Tesla for the time being,

but he is angry about this. More than 50,000 US dollars were deducted from the account,

but so far no one at Tesla has called him or emailed him, and has no sense of urgency in dealing with the problem.

The bank informed that the refund process will take at least 10 days and as long as 45 days. If handled by Tesla, the whole process will be faster.

Another California consumer, Peters, has a similar story.

The Pieters family has always wanted to buy a three-row version of Model Y. In January of this year, they ordered as they wished.

Tesla missed the delivery window as early as February. Last week, Tesla also notified that it would be delivered to Pieters’

home within three days. Tesla requested to upload insurance and bank account information on March 24.

Subsequently, the Tesla delivery staff notified him of the specific arrival time,

and also informed him of repeated deductions in his account.
Tesla staff asked Peters to contact the bank and stop the payment. However,

Peters contacted the bank and learned that the funds had arrived in the Tesla account.

A customer service staff at the bank told Peterson that he was not the only Tesla consumer who had repeated deductions.

A Tesla customer service staff later stated that it would refund within three working days.
Peterson asked the customer service to provide detailed information via email or text message,

but the written text has not been sent yet.

Consumer Story Three

Another consumer, Christopher Lee, also said that when he bought a Model Y,

the amount he should pay was $56,578, but in fact Tesla deducted twice.

Unlike the two consumers mentioned above, Tesla told Christopher Lee that there was no record of repeated deductions.

In the end, the staff at the nearby Tesla after-sales service center gave him an email address and asked him to contact Tesla’s financial department staff in the Fremont,

California office. He is still waiting for a refund.

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Christopher Lee is an active author of YouTube videos and used to do technology evaluations.
He plans to make this experience into a video to remind other Tesla consumers to avoid similar “pits.”

He also said that if there is a chance to come back, he would prefer to pay in person with a cash check instead of paying online.

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