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Hundreds of millions of iPhone 12s are not equipped with headphones: these 51 factories have turned over

The rapid growth of TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets in recent years is related to people’s demand for Bluetooth headset products, brand manufacturers, and supply chain manufacturers in the industry chain. Of course, it is also related to the eventual transformation of a series of accessories into one. This is related to the TWS headset production factory that can be delivered to consumers.

This time, we have compiled 51 factories for everyone to help small partners in the industry to better understand the current factory conditions in the TWS headset market. These factories have strong strengths in the Bluetooth audio field. In addition to TWS headsets, they also produce headsets, neck-mounted headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and smart speakers.

Among them, many factories cover an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters, with a complete assembly line structure and production process, and high production efficiency to meet the timely demand for brand products. And has experienced technicians and developers, able to provide OEM (OEM) or ODM (OEM) and personal customization services.

With the rapid development of TWS headset-related technologies, product differentiation has gradually decreased, and market competition has entered a fierce stage. How to choose a distinctive product and design a product that can not only meet the needs of users for TWS headsets, but also differentiate from other products to improve competitiveness has become an urgent problem for brand manufacturers to solve.

It is reported that these factories currently have many patent-licensed headset products, each with its own characteristics and covering different price ranges to meet different needs, and effectively help brand customers to occupy an advantage in the increasingly competitive TWS headset market. Position, gain revenue while enhancing the reputation of the brand.

(Sorted according to the first letter of the brand name, in no particular order)

Wanmo Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd.

1MORE Chinese transliteration is Wanmo, which is the headphone brand name of Wanmo Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2013, it is an acoustic brand focusing on R&D design and intelligent software and hardware development. 1MORE uses advanced and professional technology and strict testing. The system is committed to presenting superior quality and more comprehensive value to users who love music. The main products are earphones and Wanmo bear smart dolls.

1MORE has an acoustic laboratory with professional acoustic equipment such as a high-speed optical scanner that moves through the diaphragm and an electro-acoustic head simulator. In order to achieve the goal of independent research and development, from the selection and development of the diaphragm, coil, magnet unit, and wire, to the optimization of the earphone sound cavity and the wearing comfort, all are the development requirements that 1MORE attaches importance to. 1MORE adheres to the original flavor of the original material to achieve high comfort and natural sound quality, and gives full play to the spirit of craftsmanship to create a better user experience.

Shenzhen Sannuo Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Sannuo Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. It is a high-tech enterprise and civilized unit recognized by Shenzhen City. The company’s main products are digital composite cinema, digital multimedia audio and graphic art audio. Sannuo’s main products are digital multimedia audio products, which are supporting products of more than 10 famous computer brands in my country, such as TCL, Peking University Founder, Lenovo, and Shida. There are large-scale production bases for mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, speaker production, wooden box production, metal stamping, electronic assembly, etc., and a marketing system at home and abroad has been established.

Jiangxi Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Lianchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company listed on the small and medium board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is a key electronic information enterprise in Jiangxi Province, a key enterprise in Nanchang, and a patent operation pilot manufacturing enterprise in Nanchang. There are four industrial parks in Nanchang, Wannian, and Chongqing in Jiangxi Province, focusing on the development of new optical and optoelectronic industries such as optical lenses and image modules, touch display devices, and the layout and cultivation of the integrated circuit analog chip industry. Products can be widely used in smart terminals, smart cars, smart homes, etc.

Shenzhen Antxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Antxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. The company’s business scope includes: general business items: mechanical equipment, hardware products, electronic products: sales of communication equipment; radio and peripheral equipment, online games, multimedia product systems Sales of integrated and wireless data products (excluding restricted items); sales of wireless access equipment, GSM and CDMA wireless repeater equipment, etc.

Shenzhen Kung Fu Dragon Industrial Co., Ltd.

The company is located near the prosperous Shenzhen Baoan Airport and was established in 2010. It is a comprehensive audio technology company integrating R&D, production and sales. After ten years of development, the company has accumulated a sound and scientific quality management system, and has successively passed ISO certification, national 3C certification, national high-tech certification, BSCI and SEDEX international certification. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “being the world’s first-class audio product manufacturer”. Through professional research and development technology, stable product quality, and high-quality customer service, it has been recognized by many world-renowned companies and industry practitioners.

Dongguan Binshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Bin Group was established in 2000. Headquartered in Binshi Science and Technology Park, Dongguan City, covering an area of ​​30,000 square meters, it is a high-tech company focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of mobile phone accessories. Mainly develop and produce earphones, data cables, chargers, Bluetooth headsets and other mobile phone accessories. It mainly owns three own brands. The group absorbs domestic industry elites. Behind every breakthrough product, there is an almost paranoid product team. Bin’s R&D team, combined with talents in the field of R&D and design, has unique vision and rich experience. The team quickly locates and plans based on product requirements; starting from product experience requirements, carefully crafting every detail, giving Bin’s products generation after generation of breakthrough designs. In order to cooperate with the realization of the innovative design of the R&D department, Bin’s Manufacturing introduces an international production standard workshop, which integrates molds, injection molding, printing, assembly, packaging, and quality inspection.

Shenzhen Conaixin Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Conaixin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2009. The company’s business scope includes earphones, speakers, chargers, 3C digital peripheral products and related R&D, design and sales (unpasted zinc-manganese battery, nickel-cadmium battery project, open-ended ordinary lead-acid battery project, mercury battery and other prohibited Restricted items) and so on. Cannice is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the wireless audio industry. It is committed to providing consumers with innovative and fashionable high-quality wireless audio products, allowing you to listen to better sounds and enjoy a better life.

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Communication Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1997, Shenzhen Zhongnuo Communication Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the research and development, design and manufacturing of mobile communication terminal products (mobile phones), triple play products, network communication products, wired and wireless communication products. Strategic partners of global communications giants Huawei, Lenovo (MOTO), Xiaomi, DJI, and Asus. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, the manufacturing base is built in Dongguan, Guangdong, which has the reputation of “World Factory”, the R&D center is located in Beijing, the political, economic and cultural center of China, and R&D branches are set up in Shenzhen, Xi’an, and Dongguan, with sales centers radiating Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. Shenzhen Zhongnuo Communication Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech engaged in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of 4G communication terminal products, mobile communication terminal products, home network access products, mobile broadband products, OA office terminal products and 3C accessories products. enterprise.

Jiahe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiahe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Jiahe Intelligent adheres to the concept of “customer first”, adheres to the technology-oriented and quality-based business philosophy, and constantly takes the lead in the market through business expansion. Specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of electro-acoustic products, it is a leading manufacturer of electro-acoustic products in China. With its rich market experience, leading design and R&D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, the company has achieved outstanding advantages in the wireless and intelligent trend of the electroacoustic industry.

Shenzhen Sande Dakang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Sande Dakang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dakang”) is a Chinese company with offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is a professional manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, mainly engaged in the research and development of Bluetooth headset products and mobile phone peripheral accessories. Production and sales operations. It is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade. The main products are DACOM brand bluetooth headsets, bluetooth small speakers, bluetooth car, portable speakers, mobile phone speakers, laptop speakers, handheld computer speakers, etc. It also provides “OEM” (OEM) or “OEM” (ODM) services for well-known companies at home and abroad.

Shenzhen Duntuo Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Duntuo Electronics Co., Ltd. has focused on the Bluetooth audio industry for more than 10 years since its establishment in 2009. It mainly serves domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers, Internet, traditional audio and e-commerce brand customers. The production bases are located in Longhua Guanlan and Hubei. The factory has 1,700 personnel and 100 R&D personnel. The annual production capacity is 12 million units.

Shenzhen Fenda Technology Co., Ltd.

Fenda Technology started with R&D and manufacturing of speakers. After nearly 30 years of development and innovation, it has formed four core competencies in electroacoustics, wireless, software, and precision manufacturing. The company’s products mainly involve electroacoustic products, health appliances, Smart wearable products, precision metal parts, smart door locks, and wireless headsets are six business segments, directly cooperating with and serving global well-known brands such as Alibaba, JD, Baidu, Lenovo, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Philips, Sony, Farouk Systems, etc. Leading new intelligent hardware integrated solution provider and service provider. It is also one of the few domestic new intelligent hardware companies that can provide software, hardware, and cloud integrated services. Products and services are sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn Technology Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of 3C products such as computers, communications, and consumer electronics, and is widely involved in digital content, automotive components, channels, cloud computing services, and the development and application of new energy and new materials. With forward-looking decision-making, rooted technology and professional manufacturing, Foxconn has grown rapidly since it was established in Taiwan in 1974 and invested in mainland China in 1988. With more than one million employees and the world’s top customer base, it is the world’s largest electronics industry technology manufacturing service provider .

Fujigo Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd.

Fujigo Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 and is a group company listed in Hong Kong. It mainly produces headsets, speakers, microphones and hands-free headsets and other products, and provides “one-stop” services to the global audio, multimedia, communications, education and security industries. At present, Fujigota (Japan), Silicon Valley (U.S.) and Taipei (Taiwan) have sales offices, and a number of factories in Humen, Dongguan, Ningbo, Zhejiang and other places.

Gongda Electroacoustic Co., Ltd.

Gongda Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. is a professional electroacoustic component and electroacoustic component manufacturer, service provider, and electroacoustic technology overall solution provider. It is a national high-tech enterprise and one of China’s top 100 electronic components enterprises. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of electro-acoustic component products, and is committed to becoming a world-class electro-acoustic technology overall solution provider. The main products include micro microphones, micro speakers/receivers and their array modules, which are widely used in mobile communication equipment And its peripheral products, notebook computers, flat-panel TVs, personal digital products, automotive electronics and other consumer electronic products.

Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd.

Guoguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Guangzhou Guoguang Acoustic General Factory. It was founded in 1951. It is a world-renowned manufacturer of electroacoustic products. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the design, production and sales of electroacoustic and electronic products. The current products cover Electroacoustic accessories, speaker units, sound systems, digital power amplifiers, polymer lithium batteries, etc. The company has comprehensive supporting capabilities from key speaker components to the integration of speaker units, speaker systems and electronic power amplifiers. It has gathered a group of outstanding electro-acoustic industry management and R&D talents, forming its own unique and effective scientific research system. A R&D team with complete technical expertise and strong comprehensive strength has been established.

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GoerTek Co., Ltd.

Goertek Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a technologically innovative enterprise with a global layout. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of acoustic and optoelectronic precision components and precision structural parts, intelligent complete machines, and high-end equipment. It has been established in many fields. Improved comprehensive competitiveness.

Adhering to the concept of one-stop service to create greater value for customers, Goertek has been deeply involved in the upstream and downstream of the industrial value chain, and has reached a stable, close and long-term strategic partnership with internationally renowned customers in the consumer electronics field. From upstream precision components and modules, to downstream intelligent hardware, from molds, injection molding, surface treatment, to independent design and manufacturing of high-precision automatic lines, Goertek has created a highly integrated precision machining and intelligent manufacturing system in the value chain. Platform to provide customers with a full range of services.

Shenzhen Guanxu Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Guanxu Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China in 1997. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and brand marketing of smart terminal products such as professional audio, smart headphones and smart speakers. Relying on comprehensive competitive advantages such as a comprehensive and multi-field core technology system and lean production management capabilities, the company has reached a stable, close and long-term strategic partnership with internationally renowned brands, chip vendors, platform solution providers, and cloud service providers, leading Or the products that participated in the design have won many top global design awards such as CES, ISE, German Red Dot Design Award, German iF Product Design Award, Good Design and so on.

Shenzhen Hanke Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hanke Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 837842, abbreviation: Hanke Electronics) was founded in 2008. It is a small and medium board company to be listed. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Research and develop TWS Bluetooth headsets and charging mobile phone accessories and other products, and provide OEM & ODM services for global well-known brand customers. The company takes technology as its core competitiveness. It has a R&D team of 150 people in Tianan Yungu, Bantian, Longgang, Shenzhen. With its talent advantages in acoustics, radio frequency, and program development, Hanke vigorously develops a series of TWS headset products with exquisite appearance and reliable quality. , With strong R&D capabilities, efficient production capabilities, and fast delivery capabilities, it has won great recognition from well-known brand customers at home and abroad.

Shenzhen Horn Acoustics Co., Ltd.

Horn Acoustics was established in 2001, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of electroacoustic products such as speakers, microphones, earphones, and mini speakers. In July 2018, Lens Technology invested in Horn Acoustics, holding 15% of the shares. The revenue in 2018 was 900 million yuan, and it is estimated that the revenue in 2019 will exceed 1 billion yuan. TWS customers include Skull, Harman, vivo, Audio-Technica, Razer, etc.

Shenzhen Huaguan Zhilian Electronics

Shenzhen Huaguan Zhilian Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is an OEM and ODM manufacturer dedicated to computer peripheral products and mobile peripheral multimedia products. It has one-stop service from R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales.

Arima has independently built more than 60 reliability test laboratories to ensure that the relevant system test verification is completed in the product development stage, and to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product after it enters mass production. The production line is equipped with a series of automatic equipment such as automatic glue spraying machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic dispensing machine, Bluetooth comprehensive tester, etc., and equipped with MES system, PCBA automatic test, Bluetooth headset RF automatic test system, electroacoustic noise reduction curve Automated test system. To ensure the consistency and stability of all mass-produced products.

Huaqin Technology Co., Ltd.

Hixih Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is the world’s leading mobile phone ODM company. Adhering to the business mission of “improving people’s communication and life”, focusing on the R&D, design, and manufacturing of smart products such as mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices, providing competitive products for customers at home and abroad, and committed to becoming the world’s outstanding smart Product service provider.

Shenzhen Zunte Digital Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Zunte Digital Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a medium-sized high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production, sales and service of digital audio products. It currently has a R&D team of 40 engineers, 20 automated production lines, and more than 600 Skilled workers. At the end of 2018, a 20,000-square-meter professional manufacturing center branch was established in Chashan Town, Dongguan, using the most cutting-edge product technology and exquisite production technology in the audio field of Taiwan. All products have passed the CCC certification of the China Quality Certification Center, and have passed the FCC certification in the United States and the CE certification in Europe.

Shenzhen Qiaowei Power Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qiaowei Power Co., Ltd. is a large-scale communications digital product company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, with customers in more than 100 countries and regions across the country and overseas.

Qiaowei is located in Shenzhen Shajing Antuoshan High-tech Industrial Park, one of the world’s high-tech technology bases. It now has an industrial park covering an area of ​​40,000 square meters, and has built advanced dust-free workshops and advanced automated assembly lines to form an efficient , Large-scale production base.

Jiangxi Ruisheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006, a technology-based enterprise specializing in electro-acoustic manufacturing, providing electro-acoustic solutions, and manufacturing smart wearable products. Concentrate the R&D, production and sales of high-end headsets, Bluetooth headsets and smart wearable products. The main customers are OPPO, vivo, OnePlus and other well-known mobile phone brands at home and abroad, and NetEase, Kugou music platform and JD e-commerce platform.

Shenzhen Jingwei Huatian Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jingwei Huatian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a headphone manufacturer specializing in production, research and development, and sales. All products are exported to North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, South Korea, etc. country. After years of unremitting efforts of all the employees of the company, the company has transformed from a foreign trade export trading company to a professional earphone factory with strong strength in processing and exporting. The company’s main products include: promotional gift earphones, MP3 earphones, mobile phone earphones, Apple earphones (iphone earphones), computer earphones, in-ear earphones, headphones, ear-hook earphones, crystal earphones, metal earphones and wood earphones, silicone Headphones, etc. A wide range of professional customization.

Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Liesheng Electronics is a Xiaomi ecological chain company, formerly called Lanmi, and its monthly output of TWS headsets exceeds 1 million. Mainly do acoustic ODM. Customers include Xiaomi and so on. Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It received a round of financing from Xiaomi Technology and became the first batch of Xiaomi ecological chain companies. It is a young Internet company with flat management. Liesheng has become a leading domestic consumer-grade smart sports product independent brand and ODM solution provider.

Guangdong Lexin Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Lexin Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, focusing on smart health, currently focusing on the two major directions of “smart wear” and “mobile medical”. Its products include wearable sports bracelets (watches), electronic health scales, fat measuring instruments, electronic blood pressure monitors and other hardware devices. At the same time, it provides software and intelligent hardware integrated solutions for sports slimming, chronic disease management and other fields.

Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Always adhere to technology-oriented as the core, integrate product development and application services, and gradually realize the leap from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. It has a professional and innovative diversified product series. Products such as connectors, cables, motors, wireless charging, FPC, antennas, acoustics and electronic modules developed and produced are widely used in many important global fields such as consumer electronics, communications, enterprise, automotive and medical.

Shenzhen Maisi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Misi High-Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a manufacturer specializing in the design, research, development, production and sales of TWS headsets. Maxtech has been insisting on the business tenet of “survive by quality and develop by reputation” for many years. Committed to providing you with quality products and quality services. With a professional and dedicated design management team, from product design, mold making (made in Shenzhen Foxconn), molding to product assembly, every link and process has been strictly tested and controlled.

Meilu Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Established in 1975, Meilu Group entered the electric-acoustic industry with a microphone for radio transceivers (Microphone for Radio Transceiver). It was the first to develop and mass-produce ultra-thin small speakers and moving coil receivers in China. Manufacturers, and gradually transform the production of mobile phone related parts and accessories. The Merit Group has established long-term and good partnerships with major international communications and information brands. In order to meet the needs of customers, Meilu has branches in the United States, Thailand, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Huizhou and other regions to provide customers with thoughtful and meticulous services. Meilu Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is located in Dalang Street, Longhua, Bao’an District, Shenzhen. At present, there are two production plants, with more than 5,000 employees, a strong team of R&D and innovative technical personnel, a fully air-conditioned dust-free workshop, and a comfortable working environment with anti-static floor.

Shenzhen Pincun Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The founder of the company has 13 years of experience in the IT digital industry. Since its establishment, he has been committed to innovating existing market technologies and creating personalized creative designs. He aspires to become a high-tech company that integrates R&D, innovation and breaks industry boundaries. Pincun insists on communicating with each customer attentively, and working with partners to establish an industrial environment of “intergrowth, symbiosis, and regeneration” and a win-win and prosperous business ecosystem, so as to achieve a win-win situation for social and commercial values.

Qingluan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingluan was formerly a professional Bluetooth solution research and development supplier. Founded in 2003, it provides professional Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth data solutions for domestic and foreign counterparts and customers; Qingluan successfully transformed from a Bluetooth solution research and development supplier to integrated ID design in 2012 , Structure design, function research and development, mold development, shell injection, silk-screen injection, finished product assembly, sales as a comprehensive enterprise, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of Bluetooth audio series patented private mold products, providing professional OEM/ODM services ; Established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many brand operators around the world, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and have established a good reputation in the market.

Sendonglu Technology Co., Ltd.

Sen Donglu is a high-tech enterprise focusing on end-to-end solutions for wireless audio products, and is committed to providing consumers with innovative, high-value-added, and high-quality wireless audio products. Since its establishment in 2008, it has always adhered to the core values ​​of “customers, co-creation, passion, sharing”, and has established a competitive supply and manufacturing system with excellent product planning and excellent product research and development team as the core. Through continuous innovation, we continue to provide customers with differentiated and high value-added wireless audio products to achieve customer value.

Shengyang Acoustics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

Shengyang Acoustics is a professional headphone manufacturer, located in Shilong Town, Dongguan City. It has a complete quality control team, quality control laboratory and quality control standard system, as well as a one-stop service from design to shipment. Insist on independent research and development, original design and quality control standards. The company takes TWS earphones and noise-cancelling earphones as the main design and research direction, and has spent millions to build an acoustic laboratory in Songshan Lake, Dongguan that meets the international standards “ISO3745:2012” and “GB/T 6882-2016”. 21 sets of precision instruments for acoustic and signal testing. 33 test instruments constitute a reliability laboratory covering the entire process of research and production.

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Shenzhen Xinyin Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xinyin Technology Co., Ltd. was established on March 30, 2020. Its main business projects include software development and sales; domestic trade; import and export business. Licensed business items include the development, manufacturing, and sales of headphones, audio, watches, bracelets, glasses, helmets, acousto-optical products, wireless communication products, and consumer electronic products; robots, automation equipment, precision electronic product molds, precision hardware, Integrated circuit production; production of semiconductor products, acoustic components, electronic components and related application products.

KONE Electronics Holdings Limited

Founded in 2000, the group is mainly engaged in the ODM business of audio, video, electro-acoustic and smart home products. It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013 (HK01249). Mainly engaged in ODM business of audio, video, electroacoustic and smart home products. In 2019, revenue of 8.147 billion Hong Kong dollars, of which 10.55 percent of earphone revenue, accounted for 13%. The main customers are Harman and so on.

Zhongshan Tianjian Electroacoustic Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Tianjian Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. was founded on June 18, 1995 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It is currently the world’s first-class electroacoustic brand certified supplier and is currently preparing for IPO. Customers include Harman, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc. The preparations for the IPO are currently being made. Customers include Harman, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.

Guangzhou Youwo Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Youwo Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a company specializing in the field of new-generation information technology, focusing on Bluetooth technology in the field of wireless communication. It integrates R&D, production, sales and service. It focuses on independent R&D and ODM projects. Parallel modern high-tech enterprises.

U&I focuses on the Bluetooth and audio industry. It is a pioneer in the Bluetooth and TWS industry, one of the drafters and setters of the TWS Bluetooth technology standard, and a practitioner of the TWS Bluetooth technology standard. It will build a good Bluetooth market with companies in the industry. Consumer environment. Relying on the core competitiveness of “the ability to quickly and effectively provide the ultimate innovative solutions to target customers and successfully implement them”, TWS series products have been widely recognized by the global market and are a world-renowned professional Bluetooth and audio solution provider, service provider and Manufacturer, leading the development of the industry!

Dongguan Yunshi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Yunshi (UiiSii) is a registered trademark of Dongguan Yunshi Electronics Co., Ltd. It integrates the design, research and development, production and sales of earphone products, and belongs to the Hongkong Yunshi Group. As a high-quality headset manufacturer, the uiisii ​​brand not only emphasizes superb electro-acoustic technology and comfortable wearing experience, but also upholds the trend of fashion. Only the concept of perpetuating quality strives to present an all-round beauty. .

Wingtech Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is mainly engaged in the two major business sectors of semiconductors and communications. At present, it has formed a huge industrial layout from chip design, wafer manufacturing, semiconductor packaging and testing to communication terminals, notebook computers, IoT, smart hardware, and automotive electronics R&D and manufacturing. Research data from International Data Corporation IDC, American market research organization IHS, and China Sino Market Research Company all show that Wingtech has been in a leading position in the global mobile phone ODM (original design and manufacturing) industry for many years in a row.

Weide Electronics Co., Ltd.

Weide Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 1996, has nearly 20 years of headset production and export experience. It mainly produces various high-end headsets, data cables, charging cables and other mobile phone accessories. The head office is built in Weide Electronics Industrial Park, Jimadi, Huizhou (50,000 square meters; all owned by Weide Electronics). Huizhou Weide has 500 employees and a monthly productivity of up to 1.6 million. Over the years, we have cooperated with many well-known brands around the world with strong development ability, proficient production technology, stable quality assurance and excellent service team. The main customers of cooperation are: RADIOSHACK, SANYO, WALMART, BESTBUY, NINTENDO, HAMA, BODYGLOVE, TESSCO, VELODYLE, etc. In 2012, Weide established a branch in Luoyang with a registered capital of 3 million and 1,500 employees. The monthly production capacity can be Up to 4 million. Mainly for South Korea Yongbao, South Korea LG to provide supporting mobile phone headsets, mobile phone data lines and other accessories.

Flextronics International Limited

Flextronics International Co., Ltd. was established in 1969, with business involved in multiple industries, providing complete design, engineering and manufacturing services for aerospace, automotive, computer, industrial, consumer goods, infrastructure, medical and other fields. Flextronics uses a number of advanced manufacturing technologies, including automation, robotics, simulation, software and additive manufacturing technologies.

Flextronics’ comprehensive supply chain services can simplify the global product development process, help customers greatly shorten product development time, achieve cost reductions, and have industry-leading global design service capabilities, including chip design, software development and manufacturing, and testing Service etc. Flextronics entered China in 1987 and has more than 10 million square feet of production area in China. It has production bases, R&D and innovation centers, offices and regional support centers in 21 regions, and has more than 50,000 employees.

Shenzhen Core Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Corescore Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a company that focuses on the development and application of wireless radio frequency products. It provides professional general wireless solutions for many domestic manufacturers, including Bluetooth, WIFI, 2.4/5.8G audio solutions and services High-tech enterprises.

Shenzhen Core Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the senior member companies of Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Technology Alliance). It maintains a good strategic partnership with many world-renowned IC design original factories, and provides customers with BEKEN, CSR, ISSC. , TI and other series of module solutions, the company’s products cover the development of various products in the fields of audio and video data, video wireless, etc. The company’s products have won more than 30 national products.

Shenzhen Xilaixi Technology Co., Ltd.

A technology company that pursues outdoor sports and fashion concepts such as TWS, professional mobile phones, e-books, tablet computers and other digital product protective covers. At the same time, it is a professional manufacturer and supplier of waterproof mobile phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and smart watches. The company’s products have passed IP68, ROHS, FCC, CE, MSDS, ISO9001 certification, and have a number of appearance and invention patents in the United States, the European Union, Japan, and China. The brands Spidercase and Redpepper have applied for multi-national trademark certification. Representative customers include Mozart and TOZO.

Shenzhen Xinzhengyu Technology Co., Ltd.

It is a company engaged in IT industry sales and production services. It is now a member of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association. After years of development, the company has strong comprehensive strength and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Xinzhengyu Company’s main business IT peripheral products such as Bluetooth headsets. The company has its own brand trademark (AMINY-Aimini), serving customers all over the country and even Hong Kong, Dubai, Russia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other industries all over the world.

Shanghai Performance Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yanwu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The company’s business scope includes: technology development, technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer, electronic products, Internet of Things equipment, data communication equipment in the fields of electronic technology, Internet of Things technology, communication technology, multimedia technology, information technology, and computer network technology. , Multimedia terminal equipment, wireless communication equipment, microelectronic products, computer hardware and auxiliary equipment, smart Internet of things equipment, wireless network equipment, smart security equipment, smart home products, smart digital products sales, computer system integration, engaged in goods and technology Import and export business, etc.

Yilisheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Yilisheng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of Hong Kong Yiluda Enterprise Group and a senior member of China Electroacoustic Industry Association. The core products are: high-fidelity headsets, multimedia and communication headsets, Bluetooth headsets, condenser microphones, receivers, ultra-thin speakers and other professional electro-acoustic products. Since the establishment of the group in 1986, we have been committed to the long-term development of the electro-acoustic industry and committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of electro-acoustic products. We are one of the few deep-growing professional enterprises in the industry.

It has a modern production base of nearly 24,000 square meters in the beautiful Fuyong Town of Shenzhen, and more than 4,000 high-quality industrial workers. It has gathered a group of industry elites who are committed to sales and service. They are professional and unwavering, young and passionate, and their creative hard work has won the trust of many customers around the world.

Hubei Yingtong Communication Wire Co., Ltd.

Yingtong Company was established in December 1999 and went public in 2017. It has 11 subsidiaries, 7 production bases, 5 R&D centers, 3 business divisions, a management school and a national laboratory. Through vertical integration of the industrial chain and continuous improvement of the level of high-precision automated manufacturing, we are committed to becoming the world’s leading intelligent audio product overall solution service provider! The company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of headset cords, semi-finished headsets, finished headsets, USB data cables, smart bracelets, etc., and strives to become the world’s leading smart audio product overall solution service provider.

Guangdong Chaoyang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Chaoyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and went public in April 2020 (stock code: 002981). A high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of electro-acoustic products and components. At present, the company has a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries, distributed in Guangdong, Shandong, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and other places, forming a global industrial layout centered on South China.The finished headset part mainly serves well-known customers such as Meizu, Anker, Xiaomi, Wanmo, Samsung, Harman, vivo, etc.

Dongguan Zhengrong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Zhengrong Electronics Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, is located in Hongmei Town, Dongguan; it is committed to professional R&D and manufacturing of wireless audio products such as Bluetooth headsets and speakers. It has strong R&D strength in the field of Bluetooth audio and has an advanced scientific and technological innovation system. The concept of “extraordinary” strictly implements the ISO9001 quality system and 14001 environmental management system standards. The company has a high-quality talent team and R&D, engineering, and manufacturing teams; it can provide a complete set of wireless audio product solutions from industrial design, structural design, hardware design, acoustic design, manufacturing, product testing, and quality assurance; Advanced production capacity and equipment in the industry. Representative products include Xiaomi and so on.

to sum up

As Apple cancelled the 3.5mm audio interface on the iPhone 7 in 2016 and launched a new product line AirPods series at the same time, Android phone manufacturers have also followed up, thus opening the era of rapid development of TWS true wireless headsets. In this process, many factories have also entered the market one after another, established corresponding product lines, and become an important part of the rapid development of true wireless headsets.

From the many TWS true wireless headset factories compiled this time, it can be found that domestic manufacturers occupy a dominant position. And manufacturers such as Wanmo, Guanxu, and Youwo have also launched their own branded headset products. There are many factors affecting brand companies’ choice of OEMs. Among them, from the large TWS headset market environment, the complete domestic supply chain and the huge consumer market are the most important factors.

On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce competition in the TWS headset market, the production capacity per unit time affects the sales of products to a certain extent, so new requirements are put forward for the production efficiency of the factory. In addition, with the maturity of TWS headset related technologies and reduced product differentiation, how to meet the needs of brand customers for product differentiation is also a major factor in the current TWS headset factory’s ability to break through and occupy a favorable position.

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